Charming Our Way To Your Heart: Mohar Charm Collection

We like to believe that Agaro is a fun, contemporary brand. With each new innovation, all we try to do is give our customers the best of what we stand for. We want to make traditionally crafted jewellery a more common experience for people. We want to rip off the rare tag and style it in a more modern way that attracts the young and quirky. And what spells young and quirky better than charms?

We bring to you the Mohar Collection of charms! The term being picked up from Marathi language has two meanings. One is blossoming and another is seal or stamp. We have built this collection with the idea of treasuring the blossoming essence of nature. Imagine what would it be like to catch a moment of spring in the palm of your hand? You would feel the warmth and vigour of the approaching summer sealed with the vibrant energy of enamel colours on gold.

Since last year things have been especially hard on all of us. Faced with several obstacles, it was mostly about trying to find love amid all the dullness. And these charms celebrate that spirit! They’re joyful and have a certain kind of exuberance to them, which is all about looking at the beauty in little things. No matter how you’re feeling, wearing these charms will definitely make you look cute and stylish.

At Agaro, these charms are special because they’re our first batch of hand painted enamel work. We also keep innovating and updating our designs so you can be assured that your piece is one of a kind. You can wear your charm as a bracelet, as an anklet or literally on any chain as you’d like. What do we recommend? Pair up two charms with Agaro’s Shibori Tie Dye Snake Spring Cord, which is a bold and artistic piece with a small gold snake design coupled with diamond inflections. You can even put one charm on one of our hand-made chains and you’ll have a look which is effortless, fun and quirky all at the same time.

The design on our charms is inspired by contemporary whimsical paintings. They’re abstract and tend to have a meaning deeper than what they showcase. The fun part with the Mohar collection is that you can literally assign your own meaning to these charms. For instance, we have a lotus charm that is actually a symbol of karma. If you strongly believe what goes around comes around, then this charm is a representation of your belief. But you may even choose to interpret as a simple flower charm. That is the beauty of it, that there can be so many stories to it. We also pride ourselves in the contrast of ideas: a principle as serious as karma is represented in a modern and funky way.

Mohar collection has several special charms; some of which are the I on U, Jasmine Garden, Fleur D’Ikat among others. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that there is a beautiful story behind each charm. And even then you have the freedom to come up with your own. The collection stands for those exact values: freedom, beauty and creativity.


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