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Much like her jewels, Roshni’s roots are deeply embedded in the traditions and heritage of her origins, in her birth-land, India.


There are a lot of emotions behind the jewelry that she offers to the world, from power and courage to playfulness and sensuality, and even a deep-seated spirituality. Having always been mesmerized by the grandeur of the bygone eras and secrets of the past, they make their way into her pieces. Much of the jewelry also explores the concept of duality forming a whole, the yin-yang of things, and the very fabric of nature found everywhere, in everything.  

Her love for old world craftsmanship led her to explore old-fashioned materials and arts which were previously only every used in conformist bridal jewerly. Particularly fascinated with meenakari, or enamelling, she traveled to the United Kingdom to study and train under a renowned enamelist, developing a deep understanding of how materials, metals and color interact. With her unique blend of technical knowledge and understanding of Indian traditions and aesthetics, Roshni is now fulfilling her dream as a designer, working closely with artisans, pushing the boundaries of the art that they know so well, to offer a range of handmade jewelry that is never seen before.


Agaro has a special meaning for everyone who encounters it, but for her it’s about rebirth. The amazing fusion of glass and metal happening under the flaming hot temperatures of the kiln, burning away the impurities and giving these separate entities a new, single identity, is a metamorphosis which she finds spellbinding. Her personal journey is pretty much the same, entering into the world of the artisans is like walking into a kiln, being reborn each time.

Her studio is in Mumbai, where she currently resides with her husband and son.

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