The Forgotten Art of Enameling

When the idea of Agaro was conceived, it was to create the finest kind of handmade jewellery that is modern in its appearance, but traditional in its making. We wanted to employ jewellery making techniques that were lost over the centuries but deserve to live forever. Thus, we brought back as our main highlight an art that has got covered in dust but is still treasured.

Simply put, enameling is the technique of fusing powdered glass to a metallic surface by heating at extreme temperatures. The powder, due to being on fire, melts and flows into the surface; thus acting as a decorative layer to the metal. Dyes are added to create beautiful colours. The result is an extremely aesthetic piece which inspires awe and marvel by whomever it is seen. This layer is called enamel and it can be fused with any material that can withstand the pressure; it may even be stone or glass. However, when designing jewellery, enameling is mostly used for metals.

The design created by enamel can be opaque or transparent, depending on the temperature it was heated at. The practice of enameling needs to be understood and done several times to gain full control. It involves manipulating lines, textures, colours and materials. Enamel work has been a part of monuments and artworks since the century it was born in.

There are many different ways of enameling. Agaro employs the champlevé method. Simply put, it is when decorative dents are cared into the surface which are then filled with vitreous enamel. It is said to be the most beautiful form of enamelling. Here at Agaro, we pay impeccable attention to detail when it comes to the carvings.

Coming back to Agaro, we have the tendency to choose materials and techniques that have gone by. The best metal to work with for enamelling is gold, because of its natural lustre and easy nature. Hence, we mix gold with enamel to create the best possible product. Enamel jewels are made in the kiln, truly bringing to life the quote that the brighter you burn, the stronger you emerge. That is where the name Agaro comes from: angaar which means fire. The fire that fuses the powdered glass into the metal is the same fire that we keep in the spirit of our brand. That is, the fire to give you the most beautiful yet authentic jewellery that we can. The process is long and requires patience and consistency; but it is worth every effort put into it. In the end, we present to you a piece that has our sweat, fire and love; something that you will value all your life.


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