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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

There are a lot of jewellery brands out there. There is something for everyone: the masses, the classes, the bold, the docile. In a market as huge as that, designs overlap and so do styles. With such competition, it becomes all the more important to stand out. That is why we’re here, to tell you our story.

Agaro is a home grown jewellery brand that prides itself on its cultivated mix of the modern and the traditional. We create original contemporary designs, adding a tinge of the vintage to it. Rarely do we come across jewellery today that is purely hand crafted, that too with an unmatched polish and attention to detail. Our methods are of the style that Indian craftsmen have boasted of for decades yet our style is new and up with the times.

Personal attention is paid to every single piece, with inputs from the client. Royalty is one of our features of course, and we treat our customers like that. Machines help in saving time and effort, but nothing can quite replace the charm and efficiency of the human touch and mind. So at Agaro we value the skill and emphasize more on the uniqueness of handcrafted artistry.

Enamelling, the art of melting powdered glass into metal, is an ancient gift that has been lost with time. At Agaro, we hold it in high regards and a lot of our pieces are enamelled, giving a distinct look which cannot be replicated even by us. The artists of this kind of jewel work have long been forgotten by the mainstream society. With them, we create something so new yet traditional.

Despite all these facts, Agaro’s designs are as present as ever. Although the pieces look like grand heirlooms that you would want to store in your locker, they also demand to be worn every day. Each new jewel has a story to tell, and they themselves become stories as you pass them on.

" Agaro is for the woman of today

who is strongly tied to her roots.

It is for the one who prefers

quality over other frivolities. "

When it comes to the quality, all jewels are a mixture of 22, 23 and 24 karat; depending on various factors. Even the gold covering is pure, it will look new after years as well. The entire process from the start to finish is supervised and looked over by jewel experts at Agaro. The creators and designers are a mix of traditional folk workers and modern jewel experts so that you get the best of both worlds.

Agaro is for the woman of today who is strongly tied to her roots. It is for the one who prefers quality over other frivolities. The woman who appreciates opulence but keeps it subtle. The one who is majestic in all she is. The one who understand the value of what really matters. The woman who keeps it simple yet classy. If you are that woman, Agaro is for you.


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