Agña, or the third eye, aligns with the serenity chakra. It represents our ability to focus and look within, made more powerful still through deep spiritual practices. Agña signifies the subconscious mind, and whilst your two eyes see the physical world, this third-eye collection sharpens your intellect, reveals your inner vision, and empowers the wearer with an ethereal intuition. Present Agña to your true inner-self or as a totem for a loved one, to inspire a journey of truth towards the future with cloudless clarity.

Agña Third Eye Charm Bracelet


    Charm in 22k gold, emerald, diamond and vitreous enamel.

    Bracelet in 22K gold with 18K gold lobster lock.

    Bracelet length : 6.5" with 1" extender.

    To determine your wrist size, measure your wrist using a measuring tape, or by marking and measuring a non-stretchable thread or ribbon.