From the helms of Egypt, travelling through the Nile, this beauty is part of Agaro Jewels’ Hieroglyphs collection. The design is inspired from sacred Egyptian pictorial writings found on pyramids and tombs and brings together some powerful symbols that are believed to hold magical potency.       
The Cartouche is for good luck and protection.                                                                                              The Scarab is a symbol of manifestation and transformation.
The Ankh is a symbol of life and clairvoyance.
The Eye of Horus is for protection and good health.
Uraeus the cobra is for magical powers.

Delicate hand engravings on 22K gold come together with contrasting glass enamel and soft and pliable suede leather cord to create a bracelet that is both rustic and luxurious. For men who want to shine and women who dare to call it "mine"

Cartouche Protection Bracelet (Men's)


    In hand polished 22K gold and vitreous enamel

    Colour - Grey blue enamel on gold with black suede cord

    Bracelet width approx. 8 mm
    For wrist size 6.75 - 7 inches. Size can be adjusted within 2 working days.