Regal exclusivity with a rebellious streak where Versailles meets Mughlai.


Deriving from the floral decorations exhibited by opulent Mughal art, this pendant’s textile-inspired style encapsulates a world-wide 17th century fashion phenomenon in a single timeless locket. True chintz was highly popular during the late 1600s, when European trading of the fabric was banned due to the inability to replicate designs within Europe. With these rich representations of natural beauty restricted, the pattern grew a secret dynasty held by the storied and lawless Court of Versailles, where it was still worn by fashionable young courtiers. This Chintz Dynasty lives on in its regal exclusivity; gold-leaf with a rebellious streak, in blood red and royal blue.


Roya pendants are modern heirlooms made with traditional artistry, drawing inspiration from ancient islamic motifs, but displaying contemporary elegance and style.

Although each Roya pendant is unique, they all share the same symbolism. The traditional flower-motifs in enamel, based on the ancient indo-islamic symbols representing the fullness of life, celebrate the abundance of the natural world, and the vastness of potential waiting to be awakened within you.

'Chintz Dynasty' Roya Necklace


    23k gold, diamonds and vitreous enamel.  

    Comes fitted with a 22k yellow gold, handmade cable chain embellished with 22k gold leaves, rosecut diamonds and a lobster clasp.

    Pendant: approx. 20 mm
    Chain: 16"