The sum of all sums in eternity..


A beauty undiscovered. Like a Kashmiri vatika, or pleasure garden, earth and humanity work in perfect, complex harmony: the intrigue of nature’s intricacy meets a Sultan’s serene proclamations of love. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in this blue labyrinth?

Ananta bracelets bound in unique infinite patterns represent eternal or infinite space. According to Hindu mythology, there is a serpent on which Lord Vishnu is often depicted resting. This serpent is called Ananta-Shesh ( Ananta - Eternal, Shesh- Remainder). That which remains when all else ceases to exist.

'Lapis Maze' Ananta Bracelet


    22k gold, pink sapphires and vitreous enamel.

    Tradition screw locking system. Safety chain in 18K gold.

    Bracelet width: 5.5 mm